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Xinhua Institute co-organizes ecological civilization symposium in California

2023-11-30 08:12Xinhua News Agency
by Xinhua News Agency

On November 27, Xinhua Institute, in conjunction with the Institute for Ecological Civilization (EcoCiv) and the Institute for Postmodern Development of China (IPDC), held the International Symposium on Ecological Civilization for a Sustainable Future in Claremont, California.

Members of all three organizations, as well as other experts who work in relevant fields, joined the symposium. 

In his welcoming remarks, IPDC and EcoCiv President Philip Clayton noted the symposium took place just 12 days after Chinese and U.S. leaders held a key summit in San Francisco, during which ecological cooperation between the two countries was prominently featured.

Clayton said the summit between the two leaders opened the way for further ecological cooperation between the two countries, which could benefit the entire mankind.


Clayton making remarks at the symposium

Mr. John Cobb Jr., the esteemed U.S. environmentalist and philosopher, said the Earth could not remain a home for human beings unless China and the United States worked together to solve the problems.


Cobb addressing the symposium

For her part, Xinhua Institute Fellow Cherie Ying Xue updated her U.S. counterparts on the latest environmental achievements in China and briefed them on recent theories developed by Chinese leader Xi Jinping that guided Chinese development.


Ms. Xue addressing the symposium

Justin Heinzekehr, a professor of Goshen College and a co-author of the book Organic Marxism, said the importance of cooperation between China and United States to address climate change cannot be underestimated, as it is the most pressing global issue of our time.

Mr. Heinzekehr addressing the symposium.

Other notable speakers at the symposium include Mary Elizabeth Moore, Professor Emerita of Theology and Education of Boston University and Zhihe Wang, executive director of IPDC.

All attendants of the symposium agreed that it had been an useful and informative discussion on thoughts on ecological civilization, and Ms. Xue extended an invitation on behalf of Xinhua Institute for the attendants to visit China for future academic exchanges.

 Group photo by attendants of the symposium.