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Experts hail China experience, discuss paths towards modernization at BRICS forum

2024-06-07 00:00xinhua
by xinhua

While highlighting the China's experience, experts from various think tanks discussed ways to promote the modernization of BRICS countries at the BRICS Expert Forum, which was held in the Russian city of St. Petersburg on Thursday.

Chinese modernization has already demonstrated remarkable results, and more than a billion people have significantly improved their lives. China's successful experience deserve attention and must be studied, said Ivan Timofeev, Director General of the Russian International Affairs Council

The advantages of BRICS countries in such areas as their population, their domestic markets, technology, and other fields, will facilitate their development, noted the expert.

Najla Abdelwahid Alzarooni, a senior researcher at Trends Research and Advisory, UAE, believed that the pursuit of modernization is a common desire shared among all countries of the world.

The Chinese path towards modernization is rooted in China's national characteristics and its wonderful traditional culture, he said, adding that China's success inspires confidence among developing countries, and further encourages them to independently pursue their own paths to modernization, based on their own history, culture, and traditions.

Abas Aslani, senior research fellow at the Center for Middle East Strategic Studies, said that the Chinese path to modernization has allowed other countries to break free from the mindset that modernization equals Westernization, and further re-evaluate the foreignness of Western modernization theory.

BRICS countries support each other and have become a key force in promoting a positive transformation of the global world order, noted Aslani.

BRICS countries are able to independently choose their development paths, while collectively safeguarding their right to development and advancing towards modernization, according to the experts.

They hold a progressive stance, are an important force to shape the global architecture, and will undoubtedly have a profound impact on the process of world development, they added.

The BRICS Expert Forum was held within the framework of the 2024 St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, and co-hosted by Xinhua News Agency and Rossiya Segodnya. Government officials from BRICS countries, heads of major international media, and scholars attended the forum.